Tuesday, October 9, 2012

13.1 Take 2

No, I didn't forget I started a blog. I got caught up for a few more than a few months preparing for grad school, moving to a new place, and just living life. Updates are forthcoming, but since I will be leaving for Italy for a few months very soon (!!!) I figured I should dive back into this blog of mine.

I signed up for another half marathon in D.C. and it was held on September 16. It was 100% better than the Rock N' Roll half I did in March.

Weather was perfect.

Time was 10 minutes faster, 1:48 - that's more like it.

I am contemplating my next race, and it appears Rock N' Roll will be hosting a 10 mile race in the South of France while I will be working in Italy....tempting...

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