Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dumbbells and Stability Ball Core


Today's Workout: 10 min warm up on elliptical, a variation of this arm workout: 3 x 20 burpees, 3 X 20 tricep dips, 3 x 60 sec mountain climbers, and 3 x 60 second plank, 10 min cool down on elliptical.

I posted last week about the benefits of using stability balls and dumbbells to work your arms and legs. Here are some options for your CORE.

Crunch (with dumbbell and / or stability ball)

Reverse Crunch (with stability ball)

Oblique Side Bends (with dumbbell or stability ball)

Abdominal Twists (with dumbbell (weight) or stability ball)

Stability Ball Pass

Two Leg Pike  (stability ball)

Pull In (stability ball)

Extension (on stability ball)

I know it is hard to make time for the core muscles when bikini season seems so far away - but these are so important not only for running but your overall health! As with the arms and legs, start with 3 - 4 exercises with 15 - 20 reps each, adding exercises and / or reps as you want to challenge yourself.

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