Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Florida - Packing List


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I returned last night from a great trip with my family in Florida. I hadn't seen them since the holidays and 5 days wasn't enough, but it sure was great while it lasted. I have many photos to go through / posts to prepare, but first things first, a little note about what goodies made the trip with me.

I try to pack light when I travel as I usually like to do some shopping on vacation and because clutter stresses me out (and because I'm a broke grad student who doesn't want to spend $50 round trip to check a bag).

I also always make a list of what I need. If I go blind into packing I end up taking my entire apartment with me. Also, taking the time to think about it and actually cross it off the list helps avoid the inevitable bummer of having to pay 4x as much for something simple at a gift shop that you can't make it until you return home without (hello hair ties!!).

Here is a what made the list for Florida:

I just used a carry-on size rolling suitcase and the "Day Bag" from my packing list and everything fit fine.

Not everything on this list is essential for everyone. I'm envious of those people who don't need to wear glasses/contacts, especially because I have had too many instances where a contact gets scratched and I cannot physically wear it any longer. This is a major let down when I don't want to wear glasses (at the pool for example) but am blind without a contact in. Also, usually I would get a mani-pedi before a trip like this, but being out of town the last 3 weekends, coupled with work and class have made it impossible to sneak away to the salon. Chipped or no-polish is not an option, especially on my runner toe nails that are colorful (to put it nicely). Razors are pretty essential for beach trips, but are not possible if you aren't checking the bag. Luckily, my mom is bringing some along for me.

Also, before you start thinking I'm a gross freak that runs in dirty clothes, the place we are staying has a laundry facility, so I will be able to do  a load while I'm there. If you are traveling in a group, someone is likely checking a bag and can bring the detergent - and everyone can benefit from doing a load while away, lucky for me this is on mom's list too. Take a small or almost empty bottle of detergent and you can leave it behind when you leave.

Hope some of these tips help, or at least remind you of the power of mooching of your family for their checked-bag space.

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