Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DIY - Removeable Wallpaper

Oh Pinterest.....

How did I procrastinate before your existence?

When I found out I would be moving, decorating my new bedroom became my sole focus. Summer reading for school? Meh, it can wait.

I decided to purchase the furniture from the girl who was moving out of my room and sell what I had in my apartment. About a wash on cost and saved me the trouble of moving/assembling furniture.

I know my years of living without the boy are limited, so I want to embrace full-on girly decor while I have the chance, atleast guilt free. Enter pinterest.

I came across the idea of removeable wallpaper and fell in love. Not to say guys won't appreciate the concept. What guy doesn't love a good damask print?

I stumbled a cross a lot of options and fell in love with this pattern, available here.

I, being a bad blogger, did not take pictures of the process, but the this was the end result.

It took about 45 minutes, was much easier then painting, and I will be able to take it down easily when I make my next move.

I found that Home Depot has even more options you can find here.

Happy decorating!

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