Thursday, January 24, 2013

Inauguration, Chapel Hill, and Mimosas

Wednesday Workout: Barre class in Georgetown (more on this later)
Today's Workout: 5 miles with running club after work

This was a crazy past weekend in D.C., and I missed a lot of the commotion as I escaped to Chapel Hill. Three day weekends off of work and school are hard to come by, so I try to capitalize on the opportunity when it presents itself.

Before I left town, all signs pointed towards a bustling city awaiting inauguration...

Our office is located inside the deemed "secured area" and would thus be closed on inauguration day. The police had started placing the barriers outside our office as early as Thursday.

The metro is a great tool in this city, but oh man was it packed as the crowds started filling the city.

While in Chapel Hill we made some of our usual stops.

Brunch at Top of the Hill while cheering on the basketball team. Go Heels!

Buy one - get one sushi at ShikiSushi with friends.

We spent some time in Kyle's lab as he worked on things and I studied at his desk. Looking at the station where he works always amazes me. If I were locked in his lab and my freedom depended on figuring out what he does, I would die in there. The cure for cancer could be written on those boards and I would have no idea.

Clearly I was really focused.

Here are some shots my friend Sheng, a very talented classmate from China, caught of the weekend festivities in D.C.:

(Sheng is far right in the bottom photo)

One of my good friend's was at the inaugural ball and caught this shot of Jennifer Hudson serenading the Obamas.

And here she is looking all fabulous. Check out her blog, Running Wild.

Meanwhile, looking much less fancy at Bub's....

Part of me was jealous of all the awesome events my friends were experiencing in the city, but making long distances work requires sacrifices, and I'll always take a long weekend with that guy (sorry for being mushy).

(Check back tomorrow for a FitDay update!!)

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