Thursday, February 28, 2013

Two-a-days, ya dig?

Today's Workout: 6 hill repeats


If any of you were high school athletes, particularly in the fall sports, you probably had "hell week(s)". This was the time frame at the end of summer where the varsity athletes had to come back to campus, while all our friends were still lounging around or making money, and spend our days doing two-a-day workouts. These weeks were meant to be intense physically and mentally. For teams that needed to cut people, these weeks would weed out the stragglers. When I moved on to college, two-a-days were usually reserved for the runners that needed to hit higher weekly mileage to train for their events. So for the average joe like ourselves, there really doesn't seem like a point does there?

Not so fast.  I know what you're thinking, who has time for two workouts a day? And won't I get injured? But people like me on a time crunch, or people like me that are looking to improve their overall health, can actually benefit from two-a-days.

Will you benefit from occasional two-a-days? Definitely if you fall into one of the below categories described in Runner's World:

Obviously I am on board with fitting two-a-days into my routine for all of the above reasons. Any of them making you contemplate a training plan change??

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