Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend eats and purchases


Saturday's Workout: 9 miles

Sunday's Workout: 3 miles

Monday's Workout: Rest


I was looking over my calendar last Friday and had a mild panic attack when I realized this was going to be my last weekend in DC for over a month. I have upcoming trips to New York, Chapel Hill (x2), and then will be meeting my family in Florida. All good and exciting things, but to say I began to stress would be an understatement. Full time grad school combined with full time work is really only possible if I buckle down on the weekends, unless I want to forgo sleep every night of the week. So, allowing myself some time to spend with my favorite people in the district, I hunkered down and got stuff done.

Friday after work, my friend and I ran around the corner for a little happy hour and dinner at District Commons. This place opened up about a year ago and we have been meaning to make our way over ever since. We started with a Hot Pretzel Baguette - which was as good as it sounds - and then we split the crab cakes (lent) and some sweet potato fries. We both had a long week, and decided to top it off with their Rocky Road Sunday. All delicious.

Saturday was productive with getting in a longer run, doing laundry, cleaning the house, and running a few errands. I was in need of a replacement pair of running shoes, as mine were well over their 300 mile limit, which my knees were constantly reminding me. I went down to Georgetown Running Company, the same place that organizes our running club, and got a replacement pair of my signature Nike Pegasus. After a brief stint back in high school when I insisted on getting a different shoe because I thought the current version of the Pegasus were ugly - a decision that resulted in shin splints - I vowed to never let the design dictate my purchase. After all, I will only wear them for about 3 months. I almost broke my rule when I saw this pair.

First I had to confirm they were actually a woman's shoe. But beyond that, I am a very Irish (read pasty white) distance runner, and these shoes scream bad ass sprinter or something right? No? Just me? Well, I swallowed my inner vanity and handed over the credit card. After a nine mile trial run, my feet and knees were thrilled with the purchase, so I decided to put my bellyaching aside and enjoy the new support. At least Nike threw me some Carolina blue.

Sunday saw more errands, more running, mass at 5:30 (word on the street is after the 7:30 mass they give away free chipotle?? Yes, please. I may have to push back my schedule), a little homemade pad thai with a friend....

 (her photos obviously)

...and oh yea, more of that studying stuff.

Hope you all had  a great weekend!

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