Thursday, April 25, 2013

Listen to your body


Today's Workout: Rest

Monthly Health Goal - No Eating After 8:00 pm:


With the Nike Women's Half only days away, I of course wanted to finish my training on a positive note and go into the race feeling fresh.

Things don't always go as planned. I have always had terrible allergies. I have tried everything under the sun: Zyrtec, Allegra, Claritan, nasal name it, I've tried it. I have been spending the last few days in an allergy fog. When I hit the road for a run, my eyes itch and water and my vision gets blurry. My entire respiratory system is stuffed up, and then will magically start running usually resulting in some disgusting drainage which makes me nauseous.

Pairing these symptoms with late night study sessions at some point turned these allergies  into a cold, and I have been achey and sore. I had a tempo run on the agenda for this morning before heading to an all day conference, but last night I realized my body was begging for sleep.

It is really really hard to know the line between listening to your body and using it as an excuse to not work out, especially for runners. We train ourselves to push through pain an exhaustion, so how can we let a cold stop us? Runner's World offers a great refreshers on when you should and should not take it easy.

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