Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sleep Deprived


Today's Workout: 4 miles biking, Sculpt Class at CorePower Yoga
Monthly Health Goal: No eating after 8:00 pm:

Monday April 1 - success

Tuesday April 2 - success

Wednesday April 3 - success


Grad school is running my life right now and I haven't sleep much in too many nights.

Me this morning...

Somehow Tubby pulled off this look cuter than me...

I have to rally because tonight I will FINALLY get to visit my beloved CorePower Yoga studio that just opened this past weekend in Georgetown. I have been blowing this place up because their sculpt class is just that good. Former teammates and I would go here religously to get worked in the off-season. I have a group of gals joining me and am dying to see their reactions.

I'm hoping I don't get too destroyed because this weekend calls for 2 events that require heels and my last long run before the Nike Women's HAlf at the end of the month....

Happy Thursday all!

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