Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Things and a Couples Circuit Workout

Today's Workout: 40 min cross train

Monthly Health Goals - No Eating After 8:00 pm:


I wonder if other former Track and Field athletes have a similar feeling when they walk outside in the spring and have flash backs to old track seasons. The smell of lilacs and freshly cut grass, the itch of allergies, all remind me of spring nights after school running around with my high school besties.

Spring is especially pretty in D.C., that is, once the Cherry Blossoms come out to play.

I was soaking up the gorgeous spring weather in Chapel Hill this weekend. Lots of grilling out, long walks and runs, and a little picnic too.

I made time for a little shopping, maybe its just me but I love shopping for the boy almost as much as I like shopping for myself. We got him some goodies for the spring, and I came across this robe that reminded me of last week's Wish List Wednesday...carolina blue love. 

We also put together a workout for us to do side-by-side (sorta). A couple that does circuit training together, stays together.... or something like this. We used UNC's Belk Track for this workout:

I got back to D.C. in time for a classic run around the monuments before sunset.

After a long weekend I slept like a baby dreaming about the future travels on the agenda. Tubbs just dreams about more fetch.

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