Thursday, May 9, 2013

Italy To-Do's Before Departure


Today's Workout: 45 min elliptical, 4 mile run, sculpt yoga


Now that finals are a thing of the past (at least for the summer), I can finally have face time with my Italy to-do list. As I arrived home after my final exam - drained of any motivation - this list and I went into serious stare-down mode. I didn't want to check anything of it. It didn't want to get anything checked off. The battle raged on through the night.

Yesterday was more productive. As part of my stint with the State Department I needed to get coverage in the event of "death or dismemberment" and "repatriation of remains." Lets just say that task didn't have me feeling all warm and fuzzy. Other things I need to think about: changing my phone to an international plan or freezing my account? Taking advantage of the embassy pouch mail and have some necessities shipped ahead of time (their pouch mail charges us the regular US-shipping rate)? Getting all prescriptions filled, and getting extras in case of emergency. The list goes on....

Here is what I've planned for - anyone else have suggestions of things I may be forgetting?

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