Monday, May 6, 2013

Running around the Minnie-apple


Saturday's Workout: Sculpt at CorePower Yoga Maple Grove (Minnesota Studio by my parents' home)
Sunday's Workout: Run with my brother and dad around some Minneapolis lakes
Today's Workout: Sculpt at CorePower Yoga Georgetown


Going home is always interesting. I love living in D.C. and I think I often get too busy and caught up into my life here to miss home. As soon as I step off the plane I get flooded with warm-fuzzy feelings of nostalgia and remember why I love Minneapolis so much.

A lot of my high school and college friends still live there, so it can be quite the juggling act when I am back to make time for everyone. Of course, in true Minnesota-nice style, everyone gets along well so its easy to merge groups of friends.

At the airport on Friday I took advantage of Starbucks' current frappacino promotion. I know Jordan isn't a super common name for a girl....but I'm not sure how the barista came up with this....

Saturday night we went to check out a newer restaurant in downtown, Union.

I was loving the views, and the food was almost as impressive.

After dinner some friends stopped by my parents' home so we could catch up. One of my former college teammates and best friends is dating a guy on the men's team from our university and he just broke 4 minutes in the mile! He ran a 3:58 a few weeks ago at a race at Notre Dame. He is only the 397th person in the world to break 4 minutes. My dad is a serious running junkie (his best was a 4:11) and the two of them talked each others ear off until late into the evening, while we girls talked about much more pressing issues - like who's going to be the next one to get married. Spoiler alert - I think my boy and I need to be living in the same state before were in the running.

The trip was a blur but it almost felt like a reset button for my life lately. I am trying to juggle a full time job, full time graduate school, taking care of my dog, making time to run, and still having friends and a life here in D.C.. I was starting to get overwhelmed and this past weekend allowed me to take a deep breathe and remember how truly lucky I am.

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