Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Things: Frappy Hour and Another Half On the Books


Saturday's Workout: 8 miles

Sunday's Workout: 7.5 miles

Today's Workout: 45 min bike, 45 min elliptical


Happy Monday, All!

After a long semester this past weekend was all about R & R. I got a lot of sleep (It's nice to remember what my eyes look like without bags under them), I ate good food, and I went for some nice runs - not because of a training agenda but just because I wanted to.

Did you take advantage of Starbuck's frappacino promotion??? This was pretty much me and my friends all week...

I had already signed up for the Navy / Airforce Half Marathon in September, but some ladies down in Chapel Hill convinced me to also sign up for the Rambling Rose Half Marathon in Durham. 2 half marathons on the books right after I return from Italy should be enough motivation to run off all my gelato and vino this summer right??

What race do you have coming up?

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