Sunday, January 26, 2014

Out with the old...

After 8 years of service, my old Mac has finally kicked the dust. It saw me through undergrad, nearly all of grad school, international travel, first jobs, and more. More sentimentally, this little guy's faulty internet connection in the freshman dorm forced me to introduce myself to my neighbor - and current boyfriend - in hopes of tech help.

After a relatively painless experience at the Apple store, well for me - my wallet took a beating, this new beaut made its way home with me. Now that I have a fully-functioning computer, I can't get off the thing. Hopefully this translates into more productivity and not just more pinning.


  1. Hi Jordan, I had a quick question about your blog and was hoping you could email me when you get the chance, thanks! - Emily : )

    1. Hi Emily! Sorry I have been MIA - what is your email?