Monday, January 2, 2012

Bucket List in Chapel Hill.

As you can tell from multiple areas of my blog, I am a Tar Heels Fan.
It all started when I was younger and began playing basketball. Michael Jordan was all the rage, and with my first name being Jordan, how could I not be a fan? I would always watch college games with my dad and whenever UNC was discussed he would remind me that is where Jordan went. I decided I was a fan and it never changed.
When I was in High School I was invited to the UNC Cross Country camps during the summers following my freshman, sophomore, and junior years. I would live on the campus for about a month, and every summer I fell more in love. Chapel Hill is the most beautiful campus in America. Try to argue me on this I dare ya. My ex-boyfriend went to Princeton, and because he was on the soccer team I went to many of the Ivy League Schools to watch his games. Those schools have nothing on UNC. When it came time for me to apply to college I knew I would LOVE to go to UNC but I knew that going there would mean high out of state tuition and little to no chance of being able to compete at the collegiate level, which was an even bigger dream. In order to not tempt myself I didn’t even apply, as I had already been offered a spot on the University of Minnesota team. I don’t regret my decision for a second. I loved my college experience, and meet many wonderful people.
Fast forward to last year and my boyfriend was beginning to apply to schools for a PhD program. I half-jokingly said he should apply to UNC, but it turned out they were ranked No. 2 in the country for his program, so he figured he would give it a shot. He was accepted and now I have an excuse to visit every month!

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After 20+ years of being a UNC basketball fan, I had never been to a game at the Dean Dome. Kyle got us tickets for New Year’s day and it was so much fun. I got to see the stars run up the lead and even got to cheer the scrubs on to pass the 100-point mark resulting in free biscuit coupons for those in attendance. Win.Win.Win. I think it is a great sign to start a new year crossing something off your bucket list. Now I just need to get to a UNC vs. Duke game :)

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