Thursday, January 5, 2012

Good Food and Good Conversation

One of my coworkers is being relocated for a promotion to our Houston Office, so we had a going away dinner for him last night in Georgetown.  We went to Il Canale, one of my FAVORITE Italian restaurants. Everything I have had on their menu is amazing. Last night I had the Diavola Pizza.  I rarely eat red meat, but I figured it was a special occasion. The flavor gave me flashbacks to my time traveling through Italy. Being the stereotypically uninformed American that I was, hence the need to get out and see the world, I was shocked when I learned Italy doesn’t even have Pepperoni Pizza. “Pepperoni” is what they call peppers. This was embarrassing as I actually speak Italian but never made the connection. What they have is the Diavola which is spicy salami and it kicks the butt of any peperoni pizza you have ever had. They also have incredible bruschetta and focaccia. I knew this meal was coming so I made sure to go on a longer run with Tubby this morning.

The great thing about working for and international affairs department is the variety of people and backgrounds you get to interact with.

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