Friday, January 6, 2012

Blessed to be able to run

I have mentioned before that my dad was an accomplished runner both during and after college. He was only a few minutes off the Olympic Trials qualifying time for the Marathon, and he was training for a qualifying race when a terrible accident occurred as a car ran a stop sign and hit him while he was out for a training run. He fractured his leg severely and the doctors initially thought he would never run again. Well, they didn’t really know my dad. After many years of patience my dad has made a full recovery. While he will never run quite that fast again, I am proud to say that may dad can still push me on runs we do together.
I try to always remember that being able to run is a blessing. It is not some annoyance on a list of things to do. God gave me the physical ability to run and the natural ability to run well. I believe it’s my responsibility to not waste that blessing.
I went to a small high school in Minnesota and this story  about a current student is a further reminder of how quickly life can change. Whenever you feel like not going for run, remember how much someone like him would love to have the chance to right now.

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