Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tubby Tales: Not so fast

If you have read any of the previous posts - you know that Tubby has an infinity for sticks. Usually I make him drop them before we get into the apartment, but today I was on the phone and distracted and he snuck it inside without me noticing until we got into the elevator. He could hardly contain his excitement and you could tell he genuinely though if he beat me to the apartment he would be able to hide it somewhere safe from me so I wouldn't take it from him.

Mind you, this stick was about two feet long and as soon as the doors opened enough he took off at full speed, with both sides of the stick hitting the opening doors, knocking Tubby down in confusion. Rattled, he pulled himself together and grabbed the stick and raced towards the apartment, where it is hiding in the closet.

Someone is not happy.

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