Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tubby Tales: Tubby Takes a Dive.

The first time Kyle came to visit in me in D.C. I wanted to take him around the National Mall and enjoy the nice weather. It was a beautiful day, and we thought we should bring Tubby along. After all, it is one of the few things we can do in the city with him by our side. The temp started getting up there so we decided to start heading back towards the apartment. We brought water along for Tubby and stopped often to provide him some refreshment.

We were walking around the WWII Memorial when we asked if a couple could take our picture. To be nice, the women offered to take a second in case we were unhappy with the first. Just then, we heard a giant splash and turned around, as she was snapping a photo, to find our lovely four-legged monster paddling around the memorial.

While other tourists found it hysterical, Kyle and I frantically tried to pull him out, which he thought was a fun game to play. Once we got him out, he made sure to give a good shake to get all that water off. Thankfully it was a short walk back to the apartment as we were all in need of some bathing. Tubby first.

We did some more touristy stuff the next day - without Tubbs

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