Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tubby Tales: Take it to the park

While on hiatus from running until the doctors give me the go-ahead, Tubby and I have been venturing to the dog park so he can get some exercise. It gets dark so early that no pictures are worth posting. Tubby has an interesting technique at the park - While alone, he will play fetch with me until he can no longer stand, at the park when I throw the ball he has no interest. He does, however, have interest in the balls all the other owners are throwing to their dogs, racing them down and stealing these poor dog's toys and bringing them to me so proudly. Some other owners found this amusing, some did not. Tubbs has to work on his dog park etiquette.

When we returned my friend came over so we could watch reruns of the RHOBH that we have missed. We topped it off with some pizza from Manny and Olga's. Anyone getting delivery in D.C. I HIGHLY recommend this!

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