Thursday, October 18, 2012



Time to relax...for approximately 30 seconds and then I have to get back to work.

For a little self-indulgence, some girlfriends and I headed to Mimosa to get  pedis. Similar to DryBar you get to drink with your service. Mimosa offers bottomless champagne or wine for the duration of your stay. Anyone who visits DC, I highly recommend making a stop here.

I opted for champagne - obvi - we were celebrating! Actually, I have never met an excuse to drink champagne that I don't like.

I went for a darker pink, pictured with my drink, not only to embrace the season but also to hide my hideous blackened toenails from running...TMI?

Do any other runners get self-conscious when getting pedicures over the condition of their feet?

After our feet were tidy and we were hydrated we strolled to my house for some takeout, sex and the city, and further hydration.

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