Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wine Tasting in NC

One of the great things about living in D.C. is that amazing vineyards are only a short drive away and perfect for little day excursions with girlfriends. I am heading here this weekend with some lovely ladies to celebrate being done with midterms life in general.

Last time I was at a winery was in North Carolina this past July with my other half.

We got a Groupon to do some wine tasting for $5, yes you read that right, and enjoy the scenery. Some people aren't fans of Groupons, but I think its a great little extra excuse sometimes to do thing you want to do but keep putting off. Those clouds rolling in looked quite ominous, but it cooled down the typical sweltering summer NC heat and made sitting outside and drinking some local wine more enjoyable. (BTW I scored that lilac dress for a great $ after seeing it on this lady and becoming obsessed. I also wore it for a house warming party at the end of the summer and recieved a ton of compliments).

This little piece of heaven was only about a 20 minute drive from his campus and was a perfect say to spend one of our too few days together.

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