Friday, October 26, 2012

No Excuses - Play Like a Champion

So between making sure my dog gets fed, making sure my homework is done, making sure that project got emailed to the right people at work, it seems like many little things keep slipping my leaving the check for the dog walker, grabbing my lunch out of the fridge, or...

forgetting to pack my shoes for the gym.

Welllll. At least I had my nice new socks on. And at least no one else was in the gym.

Also, keeping the stellar day trend going, my friend said I was wearing too much mint to work. My answer: not possible.

If the corporate world doesn't want to embrace my bright color scheme, they can upgrade me to an office with a door that they can lock me in.

Also, don't worry. Despite all that frizz, I was not in fact actually electrocuted today. Wavy hair in humid D.C. for the win.

At least the weather has been fab in D.C. this week. 80 degrees in October??? That calls for some froyo. As if I need an excuse for froyo.

I convinced my coworker to join me, and indulged in some cake batter with sprinkles. Don't judge me, I said indulge.

When I got home I was loving the vibrant leaves on the ground and thought they were a perfect back drop for some head shots for Tubby.

Not interested.

I tried waving my hand to get his attention - totally worked.

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