Monday, October 29, 2012

Pinterest-Inspired HILLoween

I left a wonderful, fun and and fabulous weekend in Chapel Hill and was greeted with warnings for Hurricane Sandy, and work and school cancellations back in DC. While I am happy to have a lounging day around the house, I hate goodbyes and want to turn my car back around and spend more time with the boy.

Here were some little blurbs from our weekend. Forgive the brief post - I have to go prepare for storm damage :/

My boyfriend and his roommates threw a Halloween party, and I contributed jello shots with a holiday twist.

I halved some oranges, and emptied out the insides.

Next, I mixed the jello and filled the halved peels.

I let them cool over night, and cut them into quarters right before people arrived.

I also saw this costume on Pinterest and we decided to tailor it to our favorite team. It was a hit :)

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