Monday, November 5, 2012

NYC: Part 1

Sorry for the delay in getting this post up. After spending a weekend in the city that never sleeps, I was in desperate need of some shut eye when I made it back to D.C. last night.

Although the main reason I was going to NYC was to cheer on my good friend in the marathon, as most of you know, that was canceled.

I didn't get the news until I landed, and she was in the same boat. While I definitely agreed with the city's decision to cancel the race, I personally believe it should have been canceled on Tuesday when the degree of devastation was first realized. By waiting until the last minute, it did not give any of the runners who were traveling for the race a chance to find a plan B. While it would be easy for my bestie to have been all sorts of upset when she stepped off the plane from San Fran - she chose this attitude instead...

What a positive attitude to take. I am beyond lucky to have such a wonderful person as a friend.

We collectively decided that although the weekend will not be quite what we planned, we were still all together in NYC and were not going to waste the weekend.

I didn't check any bags and my driver was waiting for me when I arrived so I was able to head straight to my aunt and uncle's without delay.

Due to gas shortage, there were really no cars on the road, which NEVER happens, and I made it to their place in record time.

Most of the people in my family's neighborhood lost power, so my relatives have been hosting dinner for everyone every night last week. I walked into a house filled with people, eating up my aunt's food and enjoying their heated home.

I was too busy catching up with everyone to snap pictures, but this was the aftermath in the morning.

I headed out for a quick run, and came back to this. All ready for another night of hosting. I tell ya, she is one domestic power-house.

 I showered quickly and grabbed a train into the city with my cousin. We had a fabulous day of shopping, eating, and drinking ahead of us. Little did I know I would not be coming home until the next morning. Whoops.

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