Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Favorite Holiday Picks for Dad


Today's Workout: 4 miles biking (sorry I forgot to add this the first time I put up this post)

Last week, I mentioned some of my favorite ideas for gift for girlfriends and our moms. Guys, in general, I feel are often much more difficult to shop for, especially if your dad is anything like mine and responds to any inquiries about what he may like with "I don't need anything." So if your dad likes an old fashioned strong drink, is an exercise junkie, or a political thriller junkie, hopefully something on here will put a smile on his face. (Again, everything is under $50).

1. Whiskey Stone and Gift Set - a new touch on an old classic
2. Dad's Playbook - great for sports loving dads (young and old)
3. Automatic Tie Rack - make him feel like he lives in the Jettsons era
4. Callaway Golf Polo - classic meets modern
5. Vince Flynn - The Last Man - the newest installment in a great political thriller series
6. J Crew Half Zip Sweater - so he can look pulled together on casual days
7. Tommy Hilfiger Tie - so he can celebrate the holidays in style
8. iPod Shuffle - great size for dads who don't like to fuss around with complicated electronics when exercising
9. LCD Digital Photo FrameiPod - great for the sentimental modern dad
10. Belkin FastFit Arm Band - for dad's that can't leave technology behind when taking some time to exercise

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