Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bodyweight Workout - Total Body - and Randomness


Today's Workout: Total body
No time for office gym today, so I busted this one out in my living room before work.

25 jumping jacks

25 push ups

60 second plank hold

30 second mountian climber

20 squats

20 triceps dips

60 second wall sit

60 second bicycle crunches



Uffda. Getting back into the school routine has felt like a serious kick in the face.  Friday cannot come soon enough! I will be escaping a very busy city preparing for inauguration for a little R & R in Chapel Hill. I will make sure to fit in some runs as the boyfriend made it a New Year resolution to get a workout in 5 days a week. I'm hoping he can help me get my new Christmas present figured out....

The International Affairs geek in me sort of loves the multiple language options in the user guide....

I also got a little nervous/excited when I saw the NWM posted the course map for the half marathon this spring.

I have run portions of this course in a number of different races and it looks like it will be extremely flat and fast! No excuses.

I am also giddy about my a new running club my roommate and I joined.  We wanted something to spice up our running routines and help us challenge ourselves.....and if we feel like branching out ever it should be a fun way to meet new people! First meet-up is tomorrow!

 This is a pretty random post, and I promise to have some more direction in coming posts, but right now all I have going through my head is preparation for class regarding the role of nationalism in ethnic conflicts....yea...... so anyways....happy hump day all!

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