Friday, January 4, 2013

CorePower is coming to Georgetown!


Today's Workout: 35 min ellpitical

I could not be more excited for one of my favorite yoga companies to open their newest location in Georgetown this spring! They are rapidly expanding, because they are that awesome, and you can find their other new spots here.

Without a doubt, my favorite aerobic/yoga class of any kind is CorePower's Sculpt. Here is what they have to say about it:

As a runner, I usually feel like I am taking it easy on days I opt for something besides running (elliptical, weights, biking, yoga, etc.). Sculpt changed this. To put it simply - this class kicks my butt. I would go here with fellow college teammates (also Division I athletes) and we were all struggling to get through. This is a great way to change up your workout and really challenge yourself.

My other favorites include C1.5, CoreRestore (great for days after hard long runs), and Hot Yoga.

They are constantly adding new classes, including ones that incorprating cycling, and also ones with their take on barre. I can't wait to give these both a whirl.

If you are not in one of these areas, don't worry. You, like I currently do, can subscribe to their "yoga online." This allows you to get all of the benefits of a CorePower Yoga class at home with their streaming online yoga videos. You can practice 24 hours a day from work, home, hotel, or download to your mobile device.

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