Thursday, January 3, 2013

Its not about how you start....

Saturday - Wed: All rest - all sorts of sick.

Thurs: 40 min on treadmill at lunch break


I wish I could write about how busy I have been the past few days as my excuse for lack of blogging, but in reality I was asleep for the majority of the past few days.

It all started Saturday morning. Kyle and I had gone out with friends to our favorite Mexican joint, los cuates, the night before, and had every intention of hitting the road for Chapel Hill. That is until I decided to put on some new makeup Santa brought me.

I heard nothing but wonderful things about this brand from almost everyone.  I prefer lightweight makeup and everything pointed to this being a winner. "So pure I can sleep in it" - sign me up!  Not so fast. About 30 min after putting this on, I started to get flushed. Then my face started itching. Then I looked as if I was breaking out all over my face as the day progressed, until I was in full on hives. Although I took the makeup off as it started to break out, the rashing was only getting worse. I went to the doctor immediately and sure enough, I was allergic to the product.

The way the doctor explained it to me is that the  important thing to remember about Bare Minerals — or any of the loose-powder “mineral” makeup clones on the market now — is that many of the “minerals” are actually finely finely ground metals and metal derivatives. Bismuth, iron oxides, titanium dioxide, stuff like that. Sensitive skin types need to stick with foundations clearly labeled as hypo-allergenic, like Almay or Clinique.

I’ve never classified my skin as sensitive when it comes to cosmetics — I’m classic combination, prone to an oily t-zone, blackheads and dry patches on my cheeks. I don’t get many bona-fide zits anymore, but my complexion is FAR from even-toned, so I really do need a decent amount of help from my foundation in order to look even and fresh-faced.

While my face has never been particularly sensitive, I DO have skin allergies — although never from cosmetics! Think cheap jewelry. Nickel. Iron. Steel. And (this is weird) cold weather — I have cold urticaria, which means I get hives and other reddish irritations from the wind or sudden cool-downs on the surface of my skin. So really, it was probably dumb for someone like me to even try Bare Minerals.

I know this is a miracle product for some people, so I do not mean to speak ill of it. I just wish to warn other consumers before they make a similar mistake as I did. Lucky for me, Sephora (where Santa got his gift for me) was willing to take it and help me exchange it for a better hypo-allergenic product).

I couldn't start using it until this morning, until my rash finally went away fully, but I already love the product (more on that later). The good news is I didn't need makeup the last few days because on Monday, just when my skin started making improvements, I came down with strep throat.

No big New Year celebration for this girl. Just Throat Coat and time on the couch with my supportive boyfriend and loving dog.

Tubby and I made it back to D.C. on New Years day, and spent the next 36 hours sleeping (he was worn out from his journey, obviously, and I was well-medicated).

Throat Coat + Netflix + Tubby = cure any illness.

I am almost feeling like myself again, and am pounding out some miles on the treadmill over lunch today.

Here's to hoping I finish 2013 better than I start it!

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