Friday, February 8, 2013

Barre in DC


Today's Workout: 4 miles biking, 3 miles running, 5 min arms seen here


I am from Minnesota, so I like to think that I can handle less than ideal winter weather. However, since I have moved away, I have become a major baby. The gross weather coupled with it being dark when I arrive at work and when I leave makes it difficult to get workouts in sometimes.

My solution to my self-induced self-pity state has been to meet girlfriends for group exercise classes. Lucky for me, in Georgetown you can't throw a stone without hitting a barre / pilates / yoga studio. While I am counting down the days until Georgetown opens my beloved CorePower Yoga studio, I have dabbled in a few barre classes over the past few weeks to give my dreary winter running a break.

First stop, barre3.

(images from google as I was too self conscious to snap photos)

This place was adorable. Our entire group couldn't stop commenting about how the interior decor and dim lighting reminded us of being at a cozy aspen resort and spa. It felt like a real treat and indulgence. We took an evening class around 8 once we were all off work, and this class was the perfect fix we all needed to get through the rest of the week. The workout was tough, but it also felt amazing and restorative. It was my first barre class, and to be honest I was pretty scared. I am NOT a dancer, but it really didn't matter. Utilizing the barre actually allowed me to get the compete benefit out a number of yoga posses I have been doing for years, but due to my lack of flexibility could only push my self so far. The staff were incredibly friendly, and although the classes were expensive (even for Georgetown), we all agreed to come back.

Next, FUEL Pilates and Barre.

(images from google)

Although I also took the barre class here, it was completely different. Where the first class was more toning in a soothing environment, this studio was a little bit more bare bones butt kicking. I got worked. I was sweating, shaking, burning and working. While I got a good workout at barre3, FUEL was another level. Fuel's prices are slightly lower, and it is closer to my house, but I am also a sucker for cozy environments.

I can't say I prefer one over the other, as I got different benefits and challenges from each. There are so many other locations in this city I want to try, as I look forward to both challenging and rewarding my body.

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