Monday, February 11, 2013

Why do you run?


Today's Workout: rest

Over the weekend I had someone ask me why I run. I always find it funny when people ask this because everyone knows the physical benefits that come with running, so when they ask this I always feel like they are wondering what other reasons besides physical do I run?

Kara Goucher, Professional Runner and Olympian,  discusses this question here.

I starting jotting down answers and here is my list. This list is constantly evolving, but its the basics for now.

- I run to clear my mind
- I run to feel proud of myself
- I run to feel in control
- I run to relieve stress
- I run to to show gratitude for my health
- I run to explore new places
- I run to spend time with friends
- I run to make time for myself
- I run to practice discipline
- I run to challenge myself
- I run to reward myself
- I run to achieve goals
- I run to push my limits
- I run to leave troubles behind
- I run to remind myself how to move forward
- I run to think things through
- I run to breathe
- I run to relax myself
- I run to exhaust myself
- I run to compete with others
- I run to compete with myself
- I run to feel alive
- I run because when I do, I feel like the best version of me.

Why do you run?

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