Monday, February 4, 2013

Training Plan(s)


Today's Workout: 6 miles biking


12 weeks until the Nike Women's Half Marathon, which means it is time to ramp up the training. Nike has put together a comprehensive website here that provides training plans for 5ks, 10ks, Half Marathons, and Full Marathons. For each distance, they give the options for a beginner's plan to "finish the race", and intermediate plan to "set a new PR", and an advanced plan to "lead from the front".

What I thought was interesting was that even for the "advanced" marathon training plan, they do not have the runner going over 20 miles before the race. Looks like they are also on my side in the great marathon training debate to not go the marathon distance prior to the race. Below is their version for an advanced half-marathon training plan. I think I will try to work out a combination of this, and ones that I have used before, to find something that will work with my class and work schedule, and will publish it tomorrow.

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