Thursday, February 21, 2013

Treadmill Intervals and Study Intervals


Today's Workout: warm up, 4 x 800 meter intervals on the track bright and early.


DC weather has been in a cold funk lately. I know what you're thinking, hello captain obvious its winter! But the thing is DC likes to play with your emotions. It will throw you a random 70 degree day at the end of January and then you will be living in the 30s for the next three weeks. Running club last night was not immune to this weather.

Makes me cold just looking at it. I decided to try to bring my own sun into my day the only way I knew how.

Top - Pam Breezly Top from Modcloth (yes, I have this gem in multiple colors), Pants - Grey Modern Boot from Express, Watch - Michael Kors

This morning called for repeat 800s, and since I know my running motivation tends to baseline when I am enjoying myself out of town, I decided that I will get a second workout in over the lunch hour. Two-a-days make up for upcoming zero days, yes? Let me pretend.

While I enjoy a good long run, the treadmill is not my ideal location for this. So I was scouring the internet pinterest for some workouts I can do to spice up the big ol' hamster wheel.

Enter Minka Kelly Interval Workout: 

Do I want to look like Minka Kelly? Um, lets just say I would be ok with it.

(from pinterest)

Even if it doesn't work, now I have a great conversation starter if I ever meet her. "Man, the 4th rep of the treadmill interval workout is the worsssst!"

As I was studying last night, I realized my love of intervals had spread into my academic life. Spending 6 straight hours reading dense material....yawwnnnn. Spending 6 straight hours thanks. Spending 6 straight hours watching Real Housewives....... I'm listening. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a way to get all my hw done while watching housewives, but I have found that when I break up my reading into sections with the goal that "once you finish this part you can do ________ " helps significantly with morale. This actually makes me focus harder so that I can get to the other deed, and when I hit the lights at the end of the night, I feel like I have accomplished  a lot more. Reading? Check. Bedroom clean? Check. Laundry done? Check. Caught up with the Bachelor tells all? Check. (p.s. I'm going to miss Des). Just like intervals can break up the monotony of running sometimes, this helps me break up my to-do list.

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