Monday, March 11, 2013

All over the District


Today's Workout: 40 min bike


This past weekend was my third weekend in a row away from DC. But before I could hit the road, I had some rounds to make around the District.

Thursday night a group of friends met at Nooshi in downtown for dinner. Located really close to my office, I have been here for happy hour a few times but never for actual dinner.

I love sushi but that night I was in the mood for something  a little less raw. I tried the Peanut Noodles and was not disappointed. Others in the group did the Pad Thai and Sushi. One of the guys said he thinks it is the best sushi (for the price) that he has had in the city. It's been awhile since I've had theirs so I'll have to try it again before I confirm or deny this.

The crowd is young and fun, and the decor is vibrant. This place doesn't look like much from the outside but is quite the hidden gem. After some sake bombs, we called it a night. Big plans for Friday awaited us.

We had a busy day scheduled for the office so lunch was being brought in. The team decided to bring in food from Jetties, which is all anyone been talking about since the new location opened next to our office a few months ago. There is one also located near my home in Georgetown.

I love a good sandwich, but I have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that a sandwich should cost $9.  There are usually other options around the neighborhood that I think are more worth the money, so I had yet to try it.

The verdict? It was good. Really good. I was stuffed and couldn't finish this beast, which, if I'm going to pay $9 for it, I think is necessary. I have not completely converted to the point where I think I will spend this much on it with my own money, but I'll never turn down a Jetties offer.

Friday zipped by and then I had to run down the office gym locker room and pull my black tie self together.

An incredibly accomplished colleague was retiring, and a black tie dinner was being held in her honor at the Cosmos Club. This venue is classic and elegant. We were blown away.

Each room had such distinct character, I am sure it can fit any need. The staff were helpful and friendly, and the food was amazing. We couldn't help but reflect on how long it will be before were having similar dinners, and how we can only hope it as beautiful and moving as this evening was.

24 hours of fun, good company, and good food. I had approximately 10 min to relax before heading down to a southern piece of heaven, Chapel Hill.

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