Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bruschetta and Basketball


Today's Workout:  4 miles easy


Another wonderful weekend in Chapel Hill gone by too fast. I arrived later than usual due to Friday's black tie dinner, but we made the most of the time we had together.

The weather was beautiful and called for a run around campus with the pup, checking in on the Dean Dome before the big game of course.

We thought the Carolina Blue skies were a good omen, too bad the night didn't turn out in our favor.

We did some shopping, some movie watching, so chatting with friends, some vino consumption, oh and some eatting.

We had a craving for bruschetta and set off to the local Harris Tetter for the ingredients.  They were all out of fresh basil leaves so we had to go with the bottle option, not ideal, but the end result was still yummy.

Here's the recipe:

Some pics of the process:

We paired the bruschetta with some Chicken Cesear Salad. We cut the original bruschetta recipe in half and made some pretty small pieces, but still had plenty to share with the other roomies. It was a great and semi-healthy dinner for a grad school budget.

His plate (mine looked small, sad, and pathetic):

I took the MegaBus back, per usual (review to come), and the pup stayed there. I'm going through serious puppy withdrawal.

I have serious to-do's to cross off my list before girls come over tonight for a little make-up party and before I leave bright and early for Florida to spend time with my family!

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