Tuesday, March 26, 2013



Today's Workout: 60 min biking (lots of hills!); 5 min elliptical warm up, 3 x 20 walking lunges, 3 x 20 wall squats with stability ball, 3 x 20 cleans with 10 lb dumbbells, 25 side crunches with stability ball (each side), 50 crunches with stability ball, 50 inner-thigh pulses with stability ball, 60 second forward plan, 60 second side plank (each side)


As it seems that I am never staying put for too long, here's a little post on my preferred way of escaping DC via the airport.

Obviously, taxis are an option for trips to and from DCA, but when flying Dulles, taxi prices are a little outrageous. Oh, you want to charge me extra for lifting my carry-on and putting it in the trunk? And, you want to charge me extra just because an airport is the destination? NO THANK YOU!

I discovered MATs via a DC-know-it all friend last year and have never turned back.  They charge a flat rate from anywhere in the city to either airport, no extra fees for bags, no extra fees per person. I knew the DCA rate was lower than what a taxi would cost me from previous experience, but I used this D.C. Taxi Fare Calculator to get an estimate for my recent flight in and out of Dulles and sure enough - the luxury sedan was less expensive.


Other perks? I hate the stress of how long it will take to get someone on the phone / find a cab on the street when I am trying to catch a flight.  Every time I have used MATs they have been sitting outside my door waiting for me by the time the clock struck my "pick-up time." Also, you can pay in advance with your credit card. I never carry cash and hate having to incur ridiculous charges at airport ATMs so that I can withdraw some cab fare. Also - after being stuck on a plane, the last thing I want to do is wait in a taxi line at the airport. I love being able to call my driver, let them know I have arrived, and walk out to the sedan - easy breezy.

I always saw people coming and going from airports in these "luxury sedans" and thought - man that would be nice, but probably not worth the money. Completely clueless that I could arrive in style while saving some $$ - grad school win win win!!!

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