Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On Mondays, We Wear Pink


Today's workout: 40 min cross train

Monthly Health Goal - No Eating After 8:00 pm:

So I arrived to the office on Monday ready to take on the day dragging my feet, only to find out that my co-worker and good friend and I had dressed identically for the day.

The lighting in our lobby is perfect for taking photos.
It was also Earth Day so our building management offered us some yummy lemonade, short bread cookies, chocolate covered rice krispee treats, and cheesecake pops.

Sugar comas are great right before class.

Speaking of class, I got Tubby's report card for daycare. Somehow I don't think my report card will be this good.

Last time he went his report card said he was playful and exuberant...which I am pretty sure is the same as when teachers said you were talkative in class...aka pain in the ass.

As if I didn't have my fill of sweets, as a thank you for the preparation I did for a company conference in Argentina, one of the advisers brought me back a treat.

Hope your days are just a sweet and love-filled!

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