Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Things - Running, Shopping, Eating


Saturday's Workout: 12 miles

Sunday's Workout: 3 miles, Sculpt Class in the evening

Monday's Workout: Rest

Monthly Health Goal - No Eating After 8:00 pm


Is it really Monday already??

Friday was welcomed with open arms after a tough week. I stayed in and got through my mountain of hw. I know - so riveting - I expect Bravo to contact me about a reality show any day now.

An amusing part of Friday - we had been told by neighbors that the home we moved into used to be the residence of Jenna Bush - but we always figured they were pulling our leg....until we got her mail.....

Saturday I met up with a friend who will also be running the Nike Women's Half this upcoming weekend, and we decided to run the majority of the course - per her request - it's her its half and she is a little nervous.

Saturday afternoon we made some rounds picking up craigslist goods for home updates - more on this later. Saturday night was spent soaking up good weather on Lauriol's rooftop.

Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. We all had plenty leftovers.

Sunday called for a quick run with the roomie, ending on M Street for a little shopping.

Sunday night I sculpted-it-out at CorePower yoga. I forgot how much I loved to hate this class. Such a good workout. So rewarding. Here is an awesome article about the Sculpt classes in the Washingtonian.

And during my weekly trip to the grocery store, as I was looking for some frozen fruit for smoothies, I saw that Jamba Juice has pre-packed mixes now. I had to snap a photo to send to my dad. He loves loves loves Jamba Juice. He always gets a smoothie after long runs, and talks about wanting to open a location once he retires. You read that right, once he retires, he wants to start a business.....

And before you say anything (MOM!) I know I need a manicure. I know I know. Its on the list.

Happy Monday, All!


  1. I LOVEEEE Jamba Juice! We don't have any around here but every time I go to NYC it's my only requirement. If your Dad opens up a shop then he needs to hire me!