Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nabilah Beach Club

Hey there!

Sorry for the long delay (again!), the internet situation in Italy is less then ideal.I have post after post on deck just waiting to be published, if only wifi would cooperate!

Before I got injured (and to certain extent after), I committed myself to taking advantage of one Southern Italy's greatest attributes - BEACHES!

While my SPF-50'd Irish skin soaked up sun during the day, the beaches here take on a whole new life after dark. One such notorious spot is the Nabilah Beach Club. We ventured here to do what we do best: drink wine, watch the sun set, and dance like crazy Americans.

Before the Sun totally disappeared, we drank, mingled, and soaked up this beautiful beach house.

As the Sun began to dip below the horizon, we inched closer and closer to the dance floor.

Annnnnd party time

 MJaking America look good.

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