Friday, November 30, 2012

Dumbbells and Stability Ball Legs and Booty


Today's Workout: 35 min on the treadmill, rolling hills, moderate effort. (My legs are still barking after this workout.


As I mentioned yesterday, a stability ball and some dumbbells are great purchases in lue of a gym membership or actual home gym equipment if you want to ramp up your excercise regime. Training your legs with dumbbells offers a versatility machines cannot duplicate, and performing exercises while standing will increase your functional strength. While using dumbbells, smaller stabilizing muscles are also utilized, which enhances your workout. Also, having an independent weight in each hand prohibits your strong side from compensating for your weaker side (which can happen with barbells or machines).

Here are some great options to work your LEGS:

Kneeling Rear Leg Lift with Dumbbells (great for your glutes)

Squats (With dumbbells or stability ball)  --> doing with a stability ball can help you get a deeper squat

Lunge (with dumbbell)

Stiff Legged Dead Lift with Dumbbells --> one of my favorites (great for the hamstrings and booty, also offers a nice stretch for tight runners legs)

Toe Raise with Dumbbells (great for toning our calves)

Reverse Leg Curl with Stability Ball (Works glutes and hamstrings)

Stability Ball Bridge (also works gltues and hamstrings)

Again, these are just some of the options available to you with this equipment, but this is more than enough to get your lower body toned! Like the arms, pick 3 - 4 exercises to start and do 15-20 reps each, adding exercises and / or reps as you want to challenge yourself.

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