Wednesday, November 14, 2012



Today's Workout: Legs


This is my last post about my weekend with Kyle - I promise! Sunday was started by joining some of my good friends to play some flag football in the national mall. While warming up I was Ms. Butterfingers, so I was a little nervous when it was game time that I would drop the ball - literally. (I want to look perfectly athletic and show off for my boy - duh.)

Luckily, I delivered. I made some good catches (he did too I guess) and we won!!

I was shocked how tiring sprinting around the field was. I know I can bust out a long run without much trouble, but this was a friendly reminder I need to mix other cardio into my routine.

We worked up a appetite and headed home for some breakfast. Kyle worked at a breakfast restaurant in high school (I know - marriage material) so I usually let him take on this meal when we're together.

He whipped up some American fries (hash browns, onion, cheese) and french toast and I could not wait to taste it.

The necessary condiments...

Cinnamon.... really makes french toast taste the way it should.

Maple Syrup and Ketchup.

Does anyone else put ketchup on the breakfast eats (hash browns, eggs, etc???)

After we digested, he packed, I cleaned, and then we got our America on and watched some Sunday football.

He headed out late afternoon and I got working on some school work to distract myself from being sad.

I was feeling pretty down and still full from breakfast and thought a long run would be a good solution.

7 miles later - I came home to fabulous roomies and SATC. Amazing what that combination can do.

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