Friday, December 28, 2012

A BEARy Merry Christmas!

Saturday Workout: Rest

Sunday Workout: No-weights legs. 3 x 20 squats, 3 x 20 lunges, 3 x 60 second squat static hold (short and sweet)

Monday Workout: Rest

Wednesday Workout: 60 min on treadmill, 6.5 miles.
Thursday Workout: 30 min on the track with Tubby

Today's Workout: 40 min elliptical.


The good news about coming back early from holidays to work? Everyone else is still off and haven't started their new year resolution workouts, so Tubby and I had the track to ourselves. After a quick flight back to D.C. from Chicago last night, Tubby and I busted out a quick run on the track before settling in for some RHOM reunion viewing. He acted a little concerned as I left for work this morning that I would be leaving for another 6 days...

My time back home was short but so sweet. Here are some snapshots of my holidays.

Landing in Minneapolis

The Holidazzle Parade in Downtown Minneapolis

Catching up with friends (some of us forgot it was a Christmas sweater-themed party)

Then we hit the road for Chicago to spend time with family.

Hello Lover

We got settled in at the hotel, Liam did some swimming and eating.

My mom is a big Giuliani and Bill fan, so she was dying to check out RPM. My dad wasn't overly excited, until we mentioned how big of a bears fan Bill is.

Apparently we were REALLY eager, as they open at 4 and we were the first ones there to grab happy hour.

Another meal, at Capital Grille. (Swordfish and green beans)

Doing some damage on Michigan Ave.

Usual stop at Nike Town. Have I mentioned we hate the Packers?

Some new running loot.

Time with cousins.

And just like that I was back at the airport.

Until next time Chicago....

Next stop, Chapel Hill. 

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