Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Plans

Today's Workout: 4 mile bike


D.C. is often a bustling city, but it is quickly turning into a ghost town as people disappear for their holiday gatherings. I have to wrap a few things up at work this week and then I will be joining the rest.

First stop will be Minneapolis, and then off to Chicago, then back to D.C., then to Chapel Hill.

While it will be wonderful to be in each of these places, Chicago is my favorite city in the world! I love everything about this place. We lived here when I was younger before my dad was relocated to Minneapolis for work. The rest of our family still resides there, so no matter how long my parents stay in Minneapolis, Chicago will always feel like home.

As we have gotten older, trips back to Chicago have gotten fewer and fewer. We make a point to go back now for every Christmas and 4th of July.

On previous 4th of July trips....

This past 4th of July, we switched things up for the first time due to my new location and celebrated the 4th in the Nation's Capital.

While it was great to have them in my neck of the woods, this means I haven't been to Chicago since last Christmas, and I can't wait to go back!

From previous Chicaco Christmas trips...

As a tradition, we always spend the last night having dinner in the Signature Room at the John Hancock. Because I am a boring working adult, I have to leave a day early to work on Friday, and am missing the dinner. Bums me out, but I'll just have to pack as much family fun as I can into the days I have with them.

See you all when I return! Wishing you all the happiest of holidays!!

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