Thursday, March 21, 2013

Running, Eating, and Drinking in Orlando


Today's Workout: 5 x 800 meter intervals on the track


Running in Orlando

One of the best things about my family is that it is filled with runners, so there is never a shortage of running buddies or running motivation when on vacation. We ran/ worked out each day we were there, and the workouts went like this:

Wed: 3 miles easy
Thurs: 40 min interval workout
Friday: 3.5 miles
Saturday: 5.5 miles
Sunday: Cross Train

We were hoping to get a longer run in on Friday, but we kept running out of real estate on the sidewalks surrounding the resort grounds. The immediate vicinity was great for short 3 - 4 mile runs, but we realized we were going to have to do some research to find some serious running trails.

We came across the Cady Way Trail in northern Orlando, which was about a 15 minute drive from our resort. It was worth the extra travel time for sure, and we would have gone longer but had big plans for the day!

The tempo run and cross training took place in the comfy resort gym.

Eating and Drinking in Orlando

While we did make a concerted effort to get some exercise in, we also made sure to eat a lot of yummy food - we are on vacation after all!

Hotel Restaurant and Bar

We had a few meals at the resort's restaurant located right next to the pool behind the main club house. The menu was pretty extensive and it usually had something to fit whatever you were craving. On different occasions I had the grilled Mahi Mahi wrap, and a standard (but huge!) chicken caesar salad.


If our family had a song, it would be Margaritaville (I'm sure that makes us sound really classy). My parents both love a good margarita, and Jimmy Buffet's song is just so darn catchy. After a long day at an amusement park, the adults were ready for a serious frozen concoction. The food was pretty good too!

I went with the Orange Crush which was delicious (and strong!).

And for dinner I got the blackened salmon.

My dad got the avocado burger which looked mighty delicious.

Wolfgang Puck

My dad had been to Wolfgang's Orlando restaurant previously and was eager to take us there as a family - and I am so glad he did!

My sister-in-law started with the best butternut squash soup we have ever had.

We were gushing over it and the waiter was so nice and actually brought us out the recipe!

For the main course I went with the filet. It had been awhile since I had really good red meat, and I was in the mood to spoil myself.

Mas Margaritas

I was shocked how much alcohol is sold around the Disney / Universal Parks. Somehow I was oblivious to this as a kid, but you never have to go too far to grab a drink. At one of the water parks, my parents rented us a private cabana (more on this later) with a wait staff which kept our pitchers flowing throughout the day.

We also had to make a pit stop at another bar during the course of the trip to cheer on the Tar Heels during the ACC tournament.

Green Beer for Good Measure

Of course this Irish family had to partake in Sunday's festivities.

When weren't eating out, we were utilizing our condo's kitchen. I knew our meal outings would be rather indulgent so I would usually do a light yogurt breakfast and maybe some toast or dried cereal for lunch / snacks between the bigger meals.

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