Friday, March 29, 2013

Running Playlists


Today's workout: Tank top arms - details to come


I almost always need music when I run. It's not that I can't enjoy peace and quiet, it's just that for me, running is a way to escape my crazy days. When I run sans music, my mind starts running wild with to-do lists, thinking about big decisions coming up, etc. Music allows me to block all of that and just zone out.

So what makes the play list? Depends on the run. Obviously upbeat music gets me revved up, which is great, except when I'm trying to get a long run in and find myself running way faster than I should be if I'm going to be hitting the road for a long while. For long runs, I really just put any music on the play list that puts me in a good mood. You know when your changing radio stations in the car or flipping through shuffle on the ipod and a song comes up and you're all "Yea! I love this song!" - (ok that sounded more lame than I intended but you know what I mean) - these are the songs that make the "Long Run" list. Some are fast, some are slower, but it keeps me in a good mood over the miles and makes me excited to head out the door.

For harder runs that require serious pump-up - here are some of my go-to songs that shuffle through the play-list.

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