Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Surviving Grad School on a Slow Cooker: Mexican Chili

When the temp drops, I crave cozy food. Chili was a family favorite growing up, so I always equate it with comfort.

Now that school has hit the point in the semester where all structure to my life has gone awry, I wanted something that would require minimal effort, produce maximum flavor, and be a healthy alternative. Enter the slow cooker and skinnytaste.

Skinnytaste has an entire section dedicated to the slow cooker, and I plan to try them all.

The Chicken Taco Chili Ingredients were calling my name.

I should make a confession. I am really not a good cook. Like really. But this was so so so easy. I bought what she told me, threw it into the pot, let it cook 6 hours, and had lunch and dinner for the entire week.

I went through variations. Sometimes I ate it just as chili, sometimes as a Mexican dip for some tortilla chips.

Other times, I served it over rice, or I rolled up all the above ingredients in a burrito - with avocado of course!

How would you serve it up???

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