Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Off to Minnesota


Today's Workout: I plan on getting a quick run in at my parents house when I arrive.


I went for a quick run around the mall with a friend after work last night before heading to class. I really really love this city.

I am as giddy as you can be at 4:00 am. Tubby has been walked, bags are packed, and I am just waiting for a cab to bring me to the airport so I can be with some great people.

Tubbs goes to doggy daycare when I go out of town - I'll tell you all about this place another time. I don't want to disturb the workers/dogs this early in the morning so my good friend will be dropping him off on her way to Charleston (jealous). I know he will be in good hands....

On a previous excursion...

Last time I was in MN was for Labor Day weekend and my nephew's first birthday.

Love that little munchkin. I hate being so far away and missing him growing up. I try to make it back often and maintain my spot as favorite aunt.

Last Thanksgiving, Liam and I spent some quality time watching the Chicago Bears game. You have to love the bears if you want to be part of the family - so I took responsibility for getting him some of his first bears gear.

During Liam's first visit to Chicago

It will be a whirlwind trip from the moment I step off the plane. I think I have something planned almost every minute I am home - which of course includes a birthday celebration with my MN favorites. Although I just had a party in DC for my birthday - apparently I think I'm Kim Kardashian and deserve to trot around the country and having multiple celebrations in different cities. 

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