Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Polyvore - create a room


Today's workout: 5 miler after work before heading to class.

Last week, I shared my love of creating outfits on polyvore. Another great tool they have is for interior design.

I discussed in this post how I had fallen in love with removeable wallpaper I had seen on pinterest. I was searching around for ways to incorporate it into my bedroom, but searching multiple sites to see different options for blue curtains, pillows, bedding, mirrors, etc. was overwhelming.

enter polyvore.

Similar to the way you can search for a specific article of clothing, you can search for certain decor options.

1. Find someting that inspires you

2. Create

3. Search for the items you want to complete your design. Type in the item, then narrow it by color and/or price.

4. Complete your design and save it/share it/buy it. Similar to the outfit collages, you can click on each item in the design to find where to buy it and for how much. 

The actual final product.....which is still a work in progress.....

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